Rare Martial Arts Collection

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Two Disc DVD over 2 Hours Long

Martial Arts Collection
Now Available – A Two Disc DVD Collection of Rare Performances primarily during the Early 1970s. Performances include Martial Art Masters mostly of various styles of kung fu such as Master Ark Wong, Master Jimmy Woo, Master Y.C. Wong, Master John Leong, Master Jew Leong, Master Leo Whang, Master Doc Fai Wong, Master Dino Salvatera, Master Liang Kam Yuen – Fighting Director of “Kung Fu” TV Series, Master Eric Lee aka “King of Kata” as well as famous Masters from Hong Kong such as Master Shek Kin aka Mr. Han from “Enter the Dragon”, Master Lee Goon Hung, Master Cliff Lok (Hong Kong Movie star ).

This DVD Set also includes Masters of other Martial Arts such as:

Master Angel Cabales of Filipino Art of Escrima, Master John Louis and Master Ted Tabura of LimaLama, Master David Nuuiwa of Hawaiian Art of Lua, Master Bong Soo Han of Hapkido, Master Bong Yu of Tang Soo Do, Master “Benny the Jet” Urquidez


Cost of Two Disc DVD Set is $50 – Plus $7 Shipping in U.S.
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