Master Frank Primicias

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Over 50 years experience

Master Frank Primicias teaches the Choi Lai Fut style of Kung Fu. He began martial art training in 1959 and became a black belt instructor under Sensei Richard Tokumoto, a highly respected instructor of kenpo karate in the Kajukenbo System. At the recommendation of Sensei Tokumoto, who was moving back to Hawaii, Master Primicias began learning Kung Fu from Grandmaster Share Lew, who also taught him Chi Kung.

Grandmaster Lew was formerly a monk at the Wong Lung Kwan Monastery in mainland China and has over 50 years experience in the healing arts. Additional training was received from Masters Howard Lee and Doc Fai Wong, both of which trained under Grandmaster Lau Bun of the Hung Sing Kwoon in San Francisco.

CLF-Lineage-FlowchartAdvanced training was received from Grandmaster John Lem for over 10 years. Grandmaster Lem trained from childhood directly at the Wing Foon Monastery in mainland China.

Master Primicias began teaching Kung Fu in the Los Angeles area in 1969 and later he moved to San Diego in 1979 where he continues to teach Choi Lai Fut as well. In addition to the regular Kung Fu classes Master Primicias teaches special seminars on Chi Kung and Choi Lai Fut in the United States as well as Europe and Mexico. More and more karate schools that teach weapon forms are now showing an interest in learning staff sparring in seminars that Master Primicias also teaches.

Emphasis on application

PrimiciSIFU3as considers himself fortunate to have had such great teachers. From Tokumoto he learned to push the body and mind beyond normal limitations. Early training in Kajukenbo included remaining in stances for extended periods of time and taking strikes to the body without protection. This included strikes to the groin. Fortunately this practice was not continued in his Kung Fu training where health is considered an important benefit.

Where most Kung Fu teachers concentrate primarily on teaching forms, Grandmaster Lem was different. Lem’s emphasis was on teaching application of Kung Fu principles and patterns for use in combat. This is a primary difference at our school. While we consider mental and spiritual development an integral and very important part of martial art training we feel that you must learn how to apply the movements so you can use them for self defense if it ever becomes necessary.

Chi Kung Meditation

Chi is the inner energy that gives life to and activates the physical body. Chi is the link between our body and
mind. Use of chi along with physical dynamics produces an internal power called ging (also spelled jing). Ging makes kung fu especially devastating when used for self defense. The flow of chi also affects our health. This is the principle behind healing by medicine, herbs, massage, and acupuncture, etc. Chi can be controlled by specific methods called Chi Kung. Chi Kung includes standing and sitting exercises, breath control, and direct use of the mind to control the chi. Your control of your chi leads to control of your own mind. These are necessary steps on the path to true meditation, to true peace and harmony within yourself.

Master Primicias teaches seminars on chi kung that include the “Cloud Hands Short Set” and Choi Lai Fut’s “18 Buddha Hands” which is a part of the Lohan system. In addition Master Primicias practices Raja Yoga meditation.

For Children

As your child studies kung fu we will help them strengthen their body and increase physical coordination. Emphasis is placed on development of self discipline, self confidence, respect, and patience. These positive qualities help form your child’s character and inner strength that will help them for the rest of their lives.

Choi Lai Fut Kung Fu School

Choi Lai Fut Kung Fu School has a program to fit your needs. Men, women, and children can all benefit from our training programs. Whether you are a beginner or experienced martial artist, get the most from your training by learning from a qualified instructor:

Master Primicias is a highly qualified master with over 45 years experience. At the Choi Lai Fut Kung Fu School he teaches the classes along with assistant instructors and is not just a namesake.

Classes include semi-private instruction; private lessons are also available.

At the Choi Lai Fut School we teach applications of techniques for self defense as well as traditional hand and weapon forms. Hand techniques include joint locks, pressure points, takedowns, sweeps, kicks, and powerful long range as well as short range hand techniques. Weapons include staff, broadsword, double butterfly swords, 3 sectional staff, throwing darts, etc. You do not need to be in good physical condition to begin your training with us. Our training methods are set up to take you from wherever you are, step by step, on a course of gradual improvement as you work towards your goals and now is the best time to start learning Kung Fu to improve your life.