About Choy Lay Fut

DaMoBodhidharmaThe root of all martial arts was brought from India to China by a Zen Buddhist monk named Da Mo (Bodhidharma). He taught the monks in China the 18 Lohan Kung (18 Buddha Hands ) for health of body, mind, and spirit. These exercises evolved into the many styles of Kung fu. The most popular style of Kung Fu from the famous Shaolin system is Choi Lai Fut.*

This style is known for its dynamic and explosive movements. Characterized by continuous flowing movements that enable you to block, strike, and kick at the same time, this art provides you with full efficiency and maximum effectiveness. In Choi Lai Fut Kung Fu many movements are associated with various animals, the most well-known are the Shaolin Five Animals: the tiger, crane, leopard, snake, and dragon. Many movements imitate their physical characteristics and/or symbolic qualities.

* Note : Choi Lai Fut is also spelled Choy Lay Fut, Choy Li Fut, and Choi Lee Fut; the “correct” spelling is using the Chinese characters in the above logo.

Proven highly effective Martial Art

Through centuries of refinement in the Shaolin Monasteries of China, Kung Fu has evolved into one of the most effective and efficient forms of martial art ever developed by man. Originally taught in secrecy to monks and later only to select Chinese families, this fascinating art is now available to everyone. Here at the Choi Lai Fut Kung Fu School we teach the most popular style of kung fu from the famous Shaolin.


Jason1Kung Fu provides numerous benefits to the student. You may be interested in keeping the body fit but are tired of boring exercises; you may be looking for a positive way to relieve stress or wish to develop a sense of self improvement. In addition statistics show that violent crime has increased dramatically making it more important to know how to defend yourself and loved ones.

Kung Fu is based on scientific principles that provide maximum power and effectiveness for self defense. Regular practice strengthens the heart, regulates blood pressure, improves lung capacity, aids in weight control, and increases muscular strength and flexibility.

Kung Fu is great for your body and mind. Relieve stress and enhance your self esteem as kung fu helps you develop stronger will power, concentration, and self confidence. Kung Fu is a means of self development through self discipline. It may rightfully be used for self defense when absolutely necessary, but not for fighting. It is much nobler to strive for harmony with others and especially with your own self.